Will of Daniel Slane
PROBATED 20 April 1795

Following is a copy of Daniel Slane's Will typed by Marie Rogers from a negative copy done in long hand.  She traced Daniel's signatures which can be seen within this copy of the Will.

In the Name of God Amen 

     I, Daniel Slane of the County of Hampshire and Commonwealth of Virginia, being in a low State of Health, but sound mind and perfect memory and knowing that it is ordained that all men over must die, I constitute and make this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all other Wills by me, heretofore made. 

     1st I will my Soul to Almighty God from whence it originated;
     2nd My Body to the Earth from whence it was taken to be decently buried, the expence thereof to be paid out of my estate by my Executor hereafter named. My Will is that all my just debts be duly and honestly paid. And as to all my worldly goods which I've seized or possessed of my will is that my beloved Wife Ann be and continue in full and peaceable possession of all my Estate real and personal until the land whereon I now live bought of James Largent be paid for agreeable to contract with said Largent. My Will also is that my beloved son Thomas have possession of every part of my Plantation or land aforesaid except my Dwelling House, garden yard and stable which my Wife aforesaid is to have so long as the time payments to J. Largent and my Son Thomas Slane for the use of said land heretofore mentioned. My Will is that he pay unto my Wife aforesaid one third part of every produce of said Land except garden O.C. 

My Will also is that my Son Thomas Slane have full possession of all my farming utensils together with three working Horse Creatures so long as he keeps the place agreeable to my Wife aforesaid he delivering them all up then he gives up the job and in the same repairs and order which he recieves them in and at the Expiration of the Term in which the Land is to be paid for aforesaid. My Will is that all the land I own to be sold by my Executors and money arising from such to be divided as follows to Wit that my Wife Ann have one fourth, my Son Thomas one fourth, my Son Benjamin one fourth & my Daughter Jane one fourth part. And after the Term of payment for Land afore- said all the remains of my Moveable Estate to remain and be the property and fully in possession of my Wife Ann to do with and dispose of as she pleases save only that my Son Benjamin and Daughter Jane to have each one Horse Creature. 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal agreeing and declaring this to be my Last Will and Testament.
Signed Sealed and Declared
Signed In Presence of 

Elias Poston
James McBride
Robert Parker (his mark) 

Elias Poston
James McBride
Robert Parker (his mark) 

A Codicil to the Will 

I give and bequeath  unto my beloved Son John Slane one Shilling the sum I give unto him  and his heirs forever. 

I give and bequeath  unto my beloved Son Hugh Slane one Shilling the sum I give unto him  and his heirs forever. 

I give and bequeath to my beloved Son James Slane one Shilling the sum I give unto him and his heirs forever in Witnesses which of I have signed and sealed as above.

Witnesses Present
Elias Poston
James McBride
Robert Parker (his mark)

My Will is that my beloved Wife Ann Slane be my Executor together with my beloved Son Thomas Slane and my faithful and trusty Friend Ervin Hyatt Executors Wintess.

At a Court held for Hampshire County, 20th day of April 1795 

This last will and Testamnet of Daniel Slane, dec’d was presented in Court by Ann Slane, the Executor and John Slane one of the Executors and with the Codicil thereto proved by the oaths of Elias Poston & Robert Parker, two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, they having made oath and given Bond and Security according to law.


Test.  And. Woodrow Cl. Court

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