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1. Joannes4 Manders (Judocus (Joost)3, Godefridus2, Judocus1) was born 15 July 1835 in Mierlo, North Brabant, Netherlands, and died 20 June 1896 at about age 60, at Norrie, Marathon County, Wisconsin. He married Clara Nicolasinae School. She was born circa 1848 in Holland, and died September 1900 in Norrie, Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Please note:  The following information, including descendants and spouse, was provided by Carol (Manders) Halvorson, granddaughter of Joannes Manders, daughter of Peter Francis Manders. She is searching for her father's siblings, or descendants of Joannes and Clara (School) Manders. 
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Father listed as "Jude (?) Manders; mother as Theodora Van Eckendonck.

Transcription of Marriage Certificate:

Numbered 01308 293
1. Date of registration:  Feb 20 1877
2. The color:  White
3. Full name of husband:  John Manders
4. Full name of wife previous to marriage:  Sienna School
5. Occupation of said husband:  Farmer
6. Residence of said husband:  Town of Holland
7. Birthplace of said husband:  Holland
8. The place, town or township, and county where the marriage was contracted:  Town of Holland
9. Time when the marriage was contracted:  Feb 20 1870
10. By what ceremony contracted:  Roman Cath
11. Name of person pronouncing marriage:  B De Goey
12. Residence of person last named:  Holland town
13. Names of subscribing witnesses:  Francis School
Wilhelmina De Goey
14. Date of certificate of marriage:  from Church Record
15. Name of the father of said husband:  Judocus Manders
16. Name of the mother of said husband:  Theodora Van Eckendonck
17. Name of the father of said wife:  Martin School
18. Name of the mother of said wife:  Allegonde De Byer

End of Transcript.

Transcript of Death Certificate for John Manders:

Registration of Deaths No. 124

1. Full name of deceased.... 

John Manders
2. Color.... White
3. Sex.... Male
4. Age (last birthday)... 60 years
5. Full name of the father of deceased... unknown
6. Full name of mother of deceased previous to marriage...  "
7. Occupation of deceased..... Holland Europe
8. Place of birth of deceased.......  Clara Manders
9. Full name of wife of deceased previous to marriage.........
10. Full name of husband of deceased........  June 14 1836
11. Date of birth of deceased.........  June 20 1_96 [1896]
12. Date of death...................  Con (?)
13. Cause of death..................  Consumption (?)
14. Place, town or township, and county in which the person died.......................  Norrie
15. Name and location of burial ground in which interred..................................................  " Cemetery [Hillcrest]
16. Name of person signing certificate or affidavit....  Rev. F. Volbrecht
17. Residence of person last named............  Aniwa
18. Date of certificate or affidavit................  June 26 (18)96
19. Date of registration................................  July 18 (18)96
20. Any additional circumstances.................
Marathon County ss                         I, the undersigned, Register of Deeds in and for said County, do hereby certify that this is a true and correct copy of the original Certificate of Death as recorded in my office on Page 4 of Volume 14 of Deaths
Witness my hand and seal this 18th day of July 1975
Register of Deeds                                                Deputy
End of Transcript

 Places Joannes Manders and family lived in Wisconsin, not complete list:

1875 - Hollandtown
1880 - DePere
1890(?) - Kaukauna
1895 - Tigerton, Shawano County

1880 Census for the State of Wisconsin:
Name Relation Status Sex Color Age Born Occup.
John Manders Self M Male W 50 HOLL Laborer HOLL HOLL
Clara Manders Wife M Female W 32 HOLL Keeping House HOLL HOLL
Antone Manders Son S Male W 9 WI HOLL HOLL
Ellen Manders Dau S Female W 8 WI HOLL HOLL
Dora Manders Dau S Female W 5 WI HOLL HOLL

[Note:  John's age in 1880 was actually age 45 years.]

Prior to the deaths of Joannes and Clara, the family moved around a great deal, as they worked in the pulp mills. They lived at Little Chute, Hollentown, DePere, Kaukawna, Tigerton, Aniwa and Norrie, all in Wisconsin. Joannes and Clara both died at Norrie.

Joannes died 1896 and his wife Clara died 1900. Peter Francis was young, and it is unknown what happened to all the children.

Peter Francis "Frank" Manders and a younger sister were placed in the Wisconsin State School For Children in May of 1899. The sister was adopted by a family, but Frank was not.

More About Joannes Manders:

Joannes Manders was buried at Norrie Cemetery, "Hillcrest Cemetery", Norrie, Wisconsin

Clara Nicolasinae School was born in Holland, possibly Nistlerode.  She was known as "Nicolasiennae", "Christina", Helena", and "Clara".  Her last name was "School" or "Schoal".  Her father's name given as Martin School and her mother's name given as Allegunde Debyer.

 Children of Joannes Manders and Clara School are:

i. Antone5 Manders, born circa 1870.

ii. Ellen Manders, born February 1872.

iii. Dora Manders, born 19 July 1874 in Baptized at St. Francis, Holland.  Also known as "Dorthea".

iv. Simon Anton Manders, born 03 November 1876 in Holland, Brown County, Wisconsin.

v. Wilhelmina Petranella Manders, born 24 November 1877 in Holland, Brown County, Wisconsin.

vi. John Manders, born 17 May 1884.

vii. Henry Manders, born September 1887.

viii. Peter Francis Manders, born 09 February 1890 in Kaukauna, Outagamie County, Wisconsin; died 10 January 1961.

ix. Mary Manders, born 24 February 1896 in Norrie, Marathon County, Wisconsin; died in Age 16 by train.  Mary Manders also known as "Kathe".


Generation No. 5


3. Ellen5 Manders (Joannes4, Judocus (Joost)3, Godefridus2, Judocus1) was born February 1872. She married Howard Baldwin 29 December 1890.  Ellen (Manders) Baldwin was living in Brainard, Minnesota in 1920.  Ellen Manders and Howard Baldwin married 29 December 1890.

 Children of Howard and Ellen (Manders) Baldwin are:

i. Nellie6 Baldwin, born 1894.

ii. Estella Baldwin, born 1903.

iii. Clara Baldwin, born 1905.

iv. Frances Baldwin, born 1908.

v. Harriet Baldwin, born 1911.

vi. Madaline Baldwin, born 1914.

vii. Howard Baldwin, born 1916.

viii. Henry Baldwin, born 1918.


8. Peter Francis5 Manders (Joannes4, Judocus (Joost)3, Godefridus2, Judocus1) was born 09 February 1890 in Kaukauna, Outagamie County, Wisconsin, and died 10 January 1961. He married Grace Marie Spears 14 December 1925 in Winona, Minnesota. She was born 27 September 1896, and died 25 January 1990 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  Peter Francis Manders and Grace Marie Spears married 14 December 1925 at Winona, Minnesota.

Peter Francis was known as "Frank".

In May 1899 Peter Francis was placed in the "Wisconsin State School for Children" at 9 years of age. He was never adopted. He was placed with various farm families in Wisconsin and had to work for room and board. He stated that he knew where his brothers and sisters were when he joined the army during World War I. When he was discharged he couldn't find any of his brothers and sisters, and their whereabouts are unknown.

Children of Peter Francis and Grace Marie (Spears) Manders are:

i. Frances Marian6 Manders, born 03 October 1927.  She died 31 March 1960 in Chaseburg, Wisconsin. She married Clarence Nordahl Hoff 05 June 1946.  He was born 31 August 1920 and he died 01 August 1999. 

ii. Dorothy Ellen Manders, born 26 July 1930 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She married Clinton Randahl Wedwick 27 May 1950.  He was born 12 January 1926 and he died 09 March 1991.

iii. William Aloise Manders, born 29 May 1932 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. He married Audrey Mae Dahl 02 October 1956.  She was born 12 May 1935.

iv. Carol Jean Manders, born 01 April 1935 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She married Eugene Harvey Halvorson 16 December 1955.  He was born 04 July 1933 in La Farge, Wisconsin.

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